Virtual Address Detection

Know Your Address

Fraudsters, money launderers or even terrorists hide behind virtual addresses that obfuscate their location.
Identify them with AddressReveal.
Screenshot of detailed AddressReveal report
End-to-end Platform

How AddressReveal works

At Fintact, we are at the forefront of innovation in developing new solutions to combat the ever-evolving money laundering landscape.
AddressReveal leverages a whole host of methods for identifying virtual addresses, chief among them a database of more than 50 Million addresses. Our proprietary database is constantly growing and continues to be enriched with additional relevant information.
Dedicated Database - AddressReveal is built on Fintact’s proprietary, enriched data set of 50+ Million addresses.
Virtual Address Probability Score - AddressReveal evaluates multiple risk indicators to generate a probability score in real-time.
Automated Reporting - Get a PDF report which comprises all the information that underpins the final probability score.
Address validation
Does the given address even exist? We help you find out with a quick validation check.
Background research
Some addresses are already known for being used by fraudsters or dubious businesses. Find out if the address in question is among them.
Street View analysis
With the help of advanced artificial intelligence, we analyse and classify the address’ Google Street View image.
Connected entities
How many entities and officers are connected to the address? A very high number is an obvious red flag.
Offshore databases
In the wake of the Panama Papers, data journalists have built impressive databases of offshore addresses. We incorporate them in our research.
Neighbourhood screen
A high density of virtual offices in the vicinity might be a coincidence - but it could also mean the address in question is part of the pattern.