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Versatile Customer Underwriting – VCU enables you to onboard customers effortlessly, perform all necessary AML compliance checks and handle even complex due diligence investigations in an instant.
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Versatile Customer Underwriting

Combat money laundering effectively

VCU is the only platform you need to fulfil all your anti-money laundering obligations and conduct comprehensive KYC/KYB investigations.
Built for compliance beginners and veterans alike, it is effective, affordable and easy-to-use.
Real-time data
VCU automatically retrieves documents and extracts director and UBO information from company houses and transparency registers in real time.
Automated AML
Automatically screen parties for hits on international sanctions, PEP and adverse media lists. Identify potential virtual addresses.
One-click Compliance
Outsource your compliance to our team of experts.  Simply fill in the name and let us do the rest.
Flexible Pricing
Our flexible flat rate pricing model lets you select the pricing package that suits you best. Modify it anytime.
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Our Clients

Why you need an automated compliance solution

The fight against 'dirty money’ is ramping up worldwide. Regulators continue to broaden the range of industries covered and increase the investigative depth necessary to deliver a compliant KYC process.

Across Europe and the UK, the implementation of the fifth EU money laundering directive (5MLD) means that lawyers, auditors, notaries, real-estate agents and others must check the identity of their customers, ensure ongoing monitoring, verify beneficial ownership and identify politically exposed persons.

VCU enables you to master these challenges with ease in a single integrated system.
Legal, Tax & Accounting - No matter if you are a legal professional, accountant or tax consultant - our solution makes your life easier.
Notaries - Navigate an increasingly complex AML compliance landscape and outsource the entire process, if preferred.
Real Estate - Mitigate money laundering risks and easily comply with AML regulations by vetting your real estate transactions.
Insurers - Use effective tools in the fight against financial crime and ensure you meet all necessary AML obligations.
Financial Services - Analyse transactions, on-board clients in compliance with AML/KYC best practices and identify virtual addresses.
Partners - We work with software vendors, consulting firms and marketplaces to deliver easy-to-use integrated compliance solutions.