For the Real Estate Industry

Screen Clients With Intelligent AML / KYC

Regulators have identified real estate transactions as an area posing heightened money laundering risks. As a result, the EU’s latest Money Laundering Directive (5MLD) imposes a much greater regulatory burden on real estate agents. This extends not only to property sales but also to rentals above a certain value.
VCU simplifies screening real-estate transactions: Just add both the party and counterparty to your investigation and let VCU deliver the results.
VCU screenshot of a company's network
Real-Time Know Your Customer

Know Your Customers in an instant

Our easy-to-use and intuitive solution makes AML compliance and customer on-boarding straightforward: VCU automates the entire client on-boarding and AML compliance process and delivers results in real-time.
Outsourced Service - Only enter minimal information and let our compliance specialists conduct the investigation for you.
AML Checks - Automate checks on international PEP, sanctions and adverse media lists for entities, directors and UBOs.
Global Coverage - Access vital company information from company registries in 200+ jurisdictions.
Fair pay-per-use pricing
With our no-subscription pricing model you only pay for real usage without ongoing costs.
Quick setup
All you need to get started is a web browser. No need to install plugins or applications.
Compliance at your fingertips
Automatically screen all involved parties against sanctions, PEP and adverse media lists.
Identify UBOs
VCU automatically extracts UBO information from Transparency Registers and available corporate documents.
Virtual address detection
VCU automatically identifies the risk of a company using a virtual address.
Real-time company data
For selected jurisdictions, we offer automated real-time access to company documents and personnel data.

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