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AML / KYC compliance unified in a single solution

As the burden of regulations continues to increase, it dramatically impacts the time to onboard your clients. Dissatisfied customers and skyrocketing costs are the result.
With VCU, you get a fully integrated and automated AML and KYC compliance solution that is easy to use, intuitive and delivers results in real-time.
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End-to-end Platform

Everything you need in one place

Compliance doesn't have to be hard. VCU integrates everything you need in one platform and guides you through the entire due diligence process, one step at a time.
AML Checks - Automate checks on international PEP, sanctions and adverse media lists for entities, directors and UBOs..
Background Research - Be aware of negative news, customer complaints and criminal proceedings against parties.
Outsourced Service - Type in the names and let our compliance specialists conduct the investigation for you.
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Transparent pricing
With no subscription or ongoing costs, you only pay for the services you use. Our flexible pricing model lets you select the package that suits you best. Modify it anytime.
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Quick setup
All you need to get started is a web browser. No need to install plugins or applications.
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UBO identification
Access Transparency Registers to identify UBO structures.  If no entry exists, VCU will automatically identify the correct UBO.
icon real time company data
Real-time company data
For selected jurisdictions, we offer automated real-time access to company documents and personnel data.
icon shell comapny detection
Shell company detection
VCU automatically identifies the risk that virtual addresses and nominee structures are being used by a company.
icon corporate document retrieval
Corporate document retrieval
With our document service, you have access to company houses around the world.

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