For Notaries

One-click AML / KYC compliance

The EU’s Fifth Money Laundering Directive (5MLD) imposes much more stringent requirements on the information notaries need to collect when carrying out due diligence on clients.
For notaries, VCU addresses the need for vetting real-estate transactions. Simply add both the party and counterparty to your investigation and let VCU deliver the results.
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Let us act as your in-house compliance team

VCU has been developed to make AML compliance and customer on-boarding straightforward, regardless of your level of expertise. We recognise, however, that you may prefer to focus on your core competence or simply don’t have the resources for your own dedicated compliance department.
The solution: Just use ours! With VCU's service option, Fintact's team of compliance professionals is just one click away.
Minimal Effort - Simply add the name of the known parties and let our experts do the rest.
Digital Case File - Receive a full digital case file, including all supporting documents and a detailed summary report.
Quick Delivery - Results are delivered in only a few hours. If you are in a hurry, select our express service to speed up the process.
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Compliance at your fingertips
Automatically screen all involved parties against sanctions, PEP and adverse media lists.
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Quick setup
You only need a web browser to get started. No need to install plugins or applications.
Transparent pricing
With no subscription or ongoing costs, you only pay for the services you use. Our flexible pricing model lets you select the package that suits you best. Modify it anytime.
icon corporate document retrieval
Corporate document retrieval
With our document service, you can order corporate documents from 200+ company houses around the world.
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Real-time company data
For selected jurisdictions, we offer automated real-time access to company documents and personnel data.
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Identify UBOs
Access Transparency Registers to identify UBO structures. If no entry exists, VCU will automatically identify the correct UBO.

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